5 Reasons Why Nothing Else Compares To 3P Gel…

Whether it’s an over-the-counter PPP product or a laser procedure performed by a doctor, there’s a reason why no other therapy has been able to replicate the overall success of 3P Gel. Here’s a look at what sets 3P Gel apart from every other PPP treatment available today:


3P Gel solves one of the biggest issues with PPP treatments – Achieving the difficult balance of tough vs gentle

Pearly penile papules pose a very unique challenge when it comes to getting rid of them. In medical terms, a penile papule is known as an angiofibroma – which means that on the inside, papules are essentially tough fibrotic clumps surrounded by delicate blood vessels. What makes matters worse is that these tough fibrous clumps are also buried relatively deep under the sensitive penile surface.

This creates a tricky situation…

On the one hand you want your treatment to be tough on the fibrotic clumps and break them down effectively but on the other hand you want to be gentle on the sensitive penile surface above and the delicate blood vessels below.

Your treatment has to somehow be
Tough & Gentle
at the same time.
Tough on the fibrotic clumps&Gentle on the surrounding tissue

A difficult balance to achieve.

This may seem like a small problem but it is the main reason why researchers have had such a hard time coming up with effective therapies for eliminating pearly penile papules.

Unlike common PPP remedies that are either too weak (and never affect the fibrotic core) or too harsh (and end up scarring the penile tissue), 3P Gel uses an innovative approach to solve this issue.

3P Gel utilizes an advanced dual-action therapy that simultaneously targets the fibrotic clumps in the deeper layers of your papules and spares the delicate surrounding tissue from inflammatory damage.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in these two gels and see how this delicate balance is achieved…


Retinol 2%
Disperses papule core

Aloe Vera Gel
Accelerates healing

Oregano Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar
pH balance

Coconut Oil
Forms protective barrier

Lactobacillus Fermentum
Maintains penile flora


Gluconalactone +
Lactobionic Acid
Improves permeability of Night Time Gel
Refines papule surface

Reduces penile irritation

Emu Oil

Jojoba Oil
Maintains penile moisture

Olive Oil
Promotes mucosal healing


Manuka Honey
Soothes penile surface

Note how the main active ingredients in both gels (Retinol and Poly Hydroxy Acids) are only a small part of the overall formula. The 3P Gel proprietary complex includes 11 additional compounds that are mainly there to protect your penile tissue.

These 11 ingredients work by fortifying the 4 primary defensive barriers of your penile tissue:

  • The moisture barrier – Though the glans (penile head) lacks the protective layer of dead cells on its surface like normal skin, the body protects it by establishing a thick layer of moisture on its outer lining. 3P Gel includes 5 separate moisturizing ingredients that create a protective barrier that is bioidentical to the natural secretions of your glans.
  • The acid mantle barrier – Another way your body protects its delicate penile mucosa is by keeping its surface slightly acidic. This helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Most PPP creams tend to have an alkaline pH which disrupts this barrier and increases your chances of developing an infection. The 3P Gel formula is designed to maintain optimal penile surface pH so that its acid mantle barrier remains intact.
  • The lysozyme barrier – Lysozyme is your penile tissue’s primary anti-bacterial protein. It is an enzyme that constantly breaks down the cell walls of harmful bacteria and keeps them from growing on your penile surface. PPP remedies often deplete the lysozyme levels on your glans (penile head) leaving it vulnerable to infections. 3P Gel includes lysozyme as part of its formula to ensure that this crucial protein is readily available on your penile surface to provide it with ongoing protection.
  • The flora barrier – Did you know that your gut isn’t the only tissue that relies on good bacteria to keep harmful bacteria in-check?
    The penile tissue also relies heavily on beneficial bacteria which constantly competes with harmful bacteria for resources on the penile surface and prevents them from growing. While most PPP remedies have a disruptive effect on this bacterial balance, the 3P Gel formula includes a natural probiotic that reinforces this crucial flora barrier.

With 3P Gel you can fine-tune your treatment for each individual papule –

As advanced as laser therapy might seem, one of its biggest drawbacks is that it treats all your papules as if they were exactly the same. Typically, the doctor performing the procedure selects the amount of energy they want to deliver into your papules and picks how deep into the papule they want to discharge this energy. Then the doctor goes on to zap all your papules at that same setting in an effort to vaporize them. Inevitably, regardless of what settings are chosen, some papules are over-treated and some are under-treated.

This is the biggest issue with using a brute force method to solving such a complex problem.

That’s because for each papule, the fibrotic core may reside at a different depth, the core may have different densities (toughness) and the top layer of different papules may have different thicknesses. What ends up happening is that the laser usually either over-shoots the fibrotic core and unnecessarily damages delicate penile tissue or doesn’t deliver the pulse deep enough and part of the fibrotic clump remains intact.

This is why most PPP sufferers that undergo laser treatment require multiple procedures to re-treat unaffected papules.

3P Gel on the other hand allows you to customize your therapy for each individual papule so that you get perfect looking results.

If a particular papule has completely regressed, you can stop applying the gels in that region. If a particular papule is still resistant, you can continue your therapy until it is completely gone. This is something that’s just not possible with the more expensive hospital procedures.


3P Gel doesn’t just treat your existing papules, it keeps new ones from forming

A commonly believed myth among PPP sufferers is that pearly penile papules just form once in a person’s life and once you get rid of them they remain gone forever.

The fact is, the process of papule formation is driven by a person’s genes and testosterone levels. Once a male reaches puberty, their testosterone levels can trigger papule formation at any point after that and the process can continue well into your 60s.

Because this process is driven in part by testosterone, most PPP sufferers usually see their problem grow worse over time. This can mean that your existing papules can grow bigger or new papules can form where the penile skin is still smooth.

This is another reason why it is better to treat the problem at a biochemical level like 3P Gel does than in a brute force manner like lasers or electrodessication.

3P Gel doesn’t just target your papules, it targets the fibrogenic process that leads to their formation. The combination therapy constantly inhibits fibrous growth and promotes healthy collagen production under the penile surface. This means you can use 3P Gel to not just eliminate your existing papules, you can also use it to remain papule-free in the long run.


3P Gel is the only therapy that addresses the issue of discoloration

Another big disadvantage of PPP remedies and laser treatments is that they often destroy the melanocytes on the penile surface. Melanocytes are specialized pigment producing cells that give your penile skin its natural color. Damage to these cells can either cause the treated region to appear darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. Since the primary goal of PPP treatment is to make the sufferer’s penis look as natural as possible, simply replacing the papules with discolored marks defeats the purpose of treating them in the first place.

The researchers at 3P Gel have given careful attention to preserving the melanocytes found under your penile surface. Though the active ingredients are tough on the fibrotic clumps, none of the ingredients are damaging to the melanocytes.

This is especially helpful in cases where the sufferer has translucent, clear or whitish papules. Once 3P Gel has eliminated the papule core, the melanocytes that were forced away from the surface can migrate back to the top and return the pigment on the surface back to its healthy tone.


3P Gel Works Fast

A wise woodsman once said, “If I had six minutes to chop a tree, I would use the first four to sharpen my axe.” Part of the reason why 3P Gel outperforms every other PPP treatment is because of the immense effort our research team has put into simply understanding the problem. This allows us to target the root of the problem with such precision that it gives you remarkable results in an equally remarkable time frame.

In fact, you don’t need to wait months or even weeks to see 3P Gel work. If used diligently, the 3P Gel therapy can start showing you visible results in days. The smoothing action of the Day Time Gel and the fibrotic dispersion of the Night Time Gel starts almost immediately after you start your therapy.

As you continue applying the gels daily, you will notice that your papules begin to get flatter and keep regressing until you are left with a perfectly smooth penile surface that is absolutely blemish-free and visually perfect.

There you have it. An effective pearly penile papule treatment that is extremely simple to use, absolutely safe, fast acting and proven to work. You no longer need to spend thousands on expensive hospital procedures to get perfect looking results.

And if that wasn’t enough, 3P Gel is also backed by an unconditional 365 Day money-back guarantee. Give our product a try and if you’re not left with flawless penile skin, simply contact our 24 hour support line for a complete refund.


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