3P Gel uses an advanced treatment approach that directly targets the root cause of pearly penile papules

3P Gel’s unique dual-action therapy disperses the clumps of fibrotic tissue that are found deep under your pearly penile papules. These fibrotic clumps are what cause the penile surface to poke out and form unsightly bumps. 3P Gel naturally breaks down these fibrotic clumps and allows your raised penile papules to settle back down until they are completely gone.

Pearly Penile Papule (PPP)

3P Gel Dual-Action Therapy

The science behind 3P Gel

Buried deep under each pearly penile papule is a dense clump of connective tissue fibers that takes up a lot of space. This fibrotic clump forces the thin penile surface above it to bulge out.

Think of it like placing a tangled ball of yarn under a thin bed sheet. From the outside the sheet forms a raised bump in the shape of the ball of yarn.

In our case the thin sheet is the penile surface and the ball of yarn is the fibrotic clump underneath.

Now consider what would happen if we could somehow disperse the individual fibers that make up this clump?

The surface would no longer be forced to protrude out
ANDThe visible bump on surface would disappear

This is exactly what 3P Gel does to your pearly penile papules at a biochemical level
through a process called Dermal Tissue Remodeling.

3P Gel uses a safe and proven combination of Retinoic Acid (derived from Vitamin A) and Poly Hydroxy Acids (derived from fruits) to replace the dense (and unorganized) fibrotic clumps under your penile papules with the less dense (and more organized) collagen fibers.

The net result is that as you use 3P Gel, your raised penile papules begin to naturally regress back down onto the glans until they are completely gone. By the end of your therapy you are left with a perfectly smooth penile surface that is absolutely blemish-free and visually perfect.

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how the 3P Gel combination therapy works…