We understand, few things demand as much privacy as a purchase like this. You’ll be glad to know that we go beyond the call of duty to offer you the most robust privacy possible:

  • Secure order processing – Our order processing system is PCI compliant with daily automated security audits. Our secure order forms also use 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure that your billing data remains safe.
  • We don’t store your credit card details on our servers – While our secure order forms protect your billing information when your order is being processed, the moment your credit card is authorized, it is deleted from our system. This ensures that your private data never gets compromised regardless of how secure our system is.
  • We never share your contact information with any third party – Our customer list is almost sacred to us and while it helps us identify your order, we never, ever share it with any third party for any reason.
  • We never call you – You can rest assured that no one from our end will call your contact number (if provided) unless you explicitly ask us to. You can also choose to not provide us with a contact number if you don’t want to.
  • We will never mail you anything (besides your product) – 3P Gel does not send any marketing materials or for that matter anything else (aside from your ordered package) to your shipping address. Once you’ve received your bottles, you can be certain that you won’t be getting anything else from us in the mail.
  • Your credit card statement won’t mention 3P Gel – Your credit card statement will reflect your 3P Gel purchase as Advanced Topicals. This is purposely done to ensure that even if someone were to inspect your credit card statement, they would not be able to link it to 3P Gel.
  • The package shipped to you won’t mention 3P Gel – All 3P Gel orders arrive in discrete, unmarked packages that don’t mention 3P Gel on the outside. You have the additional option to ask us to not include the receipt inside the package and have it emailed to you.
  • We’ll even hide your bottles if you want – If you really want to take your privacy to another level, we can even hide your 3P Gel bottles inside another everyday product. This is our Hide My Bottles option which ensures that even if someone were to open your package, they would never see your 3P Gel bottles. Click here to see exactly how your bottles are hidden.

Yes, we’re fanatical about protecting your privacy and have taken every step to ensure your 3P Gel purchase remains absolutely confidential.

So Order Risk-Free Today