WHO are we and WHY we do WHAT we do?

3P Gel is a Switzerland based firm that has devoted more strenuous effort into solving the pearly penile papule puzzle than almost any other entity in the world.

As a small company with such a peculiar research focus, we are often asked by our industry peers – why pearly penile papules?
Indeed, when we first set out on our endeavor to develop a cutting edge PPP therapy, it soon became evident what our biggest hurdle was going to be. It wasn’t the lack of clinical data but the lack of seriousness by the medical industry.

Consider this…

Pearly penile papules were first mentioned in medical literature in the early 1700s by a French scientist named Littre. However, it took well over 300 years since then to see even the slightest advancements in PPP treatments.


Because from very early on, the medical community reached the consensus that pearly penile papules simply were a “normal variation of penile skin” that didn’t warrant any treatment. Even today the standard medical response to anyone raising concerns about their papules is to merely offer them verbal reassurance.

We now know that verbal reassurances do very little to improve the sufferer’s life. These reassurances certainly don’t prevent the sufferer from being unfairly judged or ridiculed by others:

For an issue that has the capacity to devastate a person’s self-esteem and paralyze their sex life, it is egregious how someone’s genuine concerns can be so easily dismissed.

3P Gel was created to end this longstanding disservice to PPP sufferers

Our company got its start when a team of bright researchers came together to treat this issue with the seriousness it deserves and reexamined the problem from the ground up…

  • This meant exhaustive research into angiofibromas
  • Recruiting histologists and pathologists to identify the best possible modes of treatment
  • Evaluating therapeutic compounds and testing for optimal concentrations/combinations
  • Scrutinizing existing treatments to see where they were falling short

Our goal was to create an effective therapy based on good science and that’s exactly what we achieved. After years of arduous effort, we finally launched a product that far surpassed anything on the market. The end result was a unique dual-action therapy that outperformed even the most expensive PPP treatments available.

We simply called this breakthrough therapy 3P Gel

(the 3P stands for Pearly Penile Papules)

3P Gel is a testament to what an unwavering vision can accomplish in the face of balking naysayers. Most importantly, our proudest achievement to date has been that we’ve empowered PPP sufferers all over the world to take charge of their own pearly penile papule removal…

  • Without having to convince a doctor
  • Without sacrificing their privacy
  • Without compromising their health
  • Without paying exuberant prices

With 3P Gel you finally have a PPP treatment option that is safe, confidential, convenient, fast, affordable and proven effective.

Best of all, our drive to help you become papule-free goes beyond just offering you our product. Careful attention has been paid to every little detail along the way to ensure that all your concerns are properly addressed:

Rest assured we’re there with you every step of the way until you are completely papule-free.

Now that you’ve seen the passion that drives our company, it’s time to put us to the ultimate test…


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We’re so confident that you’ll be beyond satisfied with our product that we’ll put our reputation on the line and back it with our one of a kind one full year guarantee.