When you order your 3P Gel kit, it arrives with two bottles:

The Night Time Gel & The Day Time Gel

The Night Time Gel: Retinoid Complex

Disperses The Papule Core

Apply this gel on your papules at night right before you go to sleep.

One of the main ingredients in this gel is Retinol – a remarkable compound derived from Vitamin A. What makes this ingredient especially effective for PPP is that it specifically interacts with the fibrotic clumps deep under your papules and causes them to break down:

  • As you use this gel every night, these fibrotic clumps are biochemically dismantled.
  • As these clumps are broken down and dispersed, they are progressively replaced with collagen fibers that are normally found under healthy penile skin.
  • These newly formed collagen fibers merge with the existing collagen meshwork in the surrounding non-papular skin.
  • This causes your raised papules to regress back down onto the surface until they are completely gone.

What you are left with is a smooth glans that is perfectly taut and free of any visible bumps. It is important to keep in mind that 3P Gel is unlike any other product that contains retinol. Typically retinol products are not meant to be applied to the penile tissue because they often wear away the top lining of the penile skin, which can leave it severely irritated.

However, 3P Gel uses a proprietary retinoid complex that is specifically formulated with your penile physiology in mind. Our retinoid complex perfectly balances a thoroughly tested concentration of retinol with 5 additional ingredients that reinforce the 4 natural defensive barriers of your penile tissue. This ensures that your glans remains protected during the entire papule elimination process and your penile tissue is never irritated.

The Day Time Gel: PHA Complex

Refines Papule Surface

Apply this gel on your papules in the morning after you shower.

While the Night Time Gel focuses on the deeper layers of your papules, the Day Time Gel actively works on the epidermis – the top layer.

This gel has two main purposes:

  • First, it refines and smoothes the papule surface so that as your paules begin to regress back down, they blend-in perfectly with the surrounding penile skin. This ensures that you’re not left with any spots or discolorations where the papules used to be.
  • Secondly, it solves one of the biggest problems with PPP treatments – Permeability – which is safely getting the active ingredients deep into each papule without activating the immune system or triggering inflammation.

    Most PPP remedies either never make it to the deeper layers of the penile skin where the fibrotic core resides or they are so harsh that they literally bore through the surface and damage the sensitive tissue in between. The active ingredients in this Gel (called Poly Hydroxy Acids) selectively allow the Retinol in the Night Time Gel to penetrate safely past the epidermis without irritating or damaging your penile tissue.

Many modern PPP creams use Alpha Hydroxy Acids in an effort to smooth your papules by thinning the top layer of your penile skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are commonly used in skin peels and they are certainly effective at smoothing facial skin. However it is crucial to realize that they are way too harsh for the delicate penile surface. Most PPP sufferers that use these creams end up abandoning their treatment efforts because Alpha Hydroxy Acids can leave your glans (penile head) extremely irritated.

3P Gel on the other hand uses the far more advanced Poly Hydroxy Acids (derived from fruits) instead of the harsher Alpha Hydroxy Acids. PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids) are remarkable in that they give you all the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids without causing any of the common side effects such as pain, burning, inflammation or irritation. In fact, 3P Gel is the first and only treatment in the world to use not one but two separate Poly Hydroxy Acids as part of its PPP therapy.

Furthermore, the Day Time Gel also includes 6 additional active ingredients that ensure your penile tissue remains free from inflammation and your entire therapy is painless.