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How do I use 3P Gel?


Using 3P Gel is quite simple. Your 3P Gel kit arrives with two bottles:


The Day Time Gel

Apply the Day Time Gel to your papules in the morning and keep it on all day.

The Night Time Gel

Apply the Night Time Gel to your papules at night before right you go to sleep.

That’s it!

3P Gel does the rest for you. As you continue applying the gels day and night, you’ll notice that your papules will begin to appear flatter and keep regressing to the point where they’ll eventually become invisible to the naked eye. You can stop your therapy at that point.

Is 3P Gel safe to use regularly? Are there any side effects?


You’ll be glad to know that 3P Gel is one of the few PPP therapies that was designed from the ground up with the unique penile physiology in mind. It was made specifically to eliminate pearly penile papules in a safe manner.

Unlike common PPP remedies that expose your penile tissue to harsh chemicals and increase your chances of injury and scarring, the 3P Gel formula includes 11 separate soothing compounds to ensure that your penile tissue remains inflammation-free and its primary defensive barriers are fortified during the entire therapy.

How often should I apply the gels?


We recommend applying the once in the morning and the once at night. Each bottle should last you one month. Continue with the gel applications until your papules are completely gone.

Will the eliminated papules grow back?


No they won’t. 3P Gel targets the root cause of PPP by dispersing the fibrotic clumps found under your papules. This ensures that your treated papules won’t grow back.

However keep in mind that the fibrotic process which leads to the formation of papules is driven by your testosterone levels. This means even if you get rid of your existing papules, new papules could possibly grow again on your penile surface. For this reason, we recommend keeping 3P Gel on hand to quickly stop any new papule growth as soon as you see it.

How long will it take to completely eliminate my papules?


It depends. While you’ll start to see your papules respond to the 3P Gel therapy within days, the amount of time it will take to completely eliminate all your papules depends on many factors such as:

  • How dense the fibrotic cores under your papules are
  • How thick the epidermis over your papules is
  • How deep under the papule surface does the fibrotic core reside
  • How regimented you are about your daily gel applications

As a rough estimate, for most people it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to be completely papule-free.

Will it hurt? Is the therapy painful?


No it won’t. We realize that no matter how effective a therapy is, if it hurts, no one will use it for too long.

You’ll find that 3P Gel accomplishes its therapeutic effect without ever irritating your penile surface. In fact, this particular issue is so important to us that two-thirds of the 3P Gel formula has been devoted simply to keeping your penile tissue pain-free and inflammation-free throughout your therapy.

How will my penile skin look after the therapy is over?


When your therapy is complete, your penile surface should show no signs of any papules or their remnants. Unlike common remedies that often leave the region over the papules discolored, 3P Gel is designed to be gentle on the penile tissue and specifically spares the melanocytes (pigment producing cells on the surface). This ensures that not only do the raised bumps disappear but your penile surface has a perfectly even tone all over.

How many bottles of 3P Gel should I buy?


A one month supply of 3P Gel is usually enough to start the process of papule regression in most people. In fact, most 3P Gel users notice their papules responding to the therapy within the first week of starting it. The one month supply only costs about $39 including shipping.

Many customers do decide to buy more bottles because they want to make sure their therapy isn’t interrupted in the middle. The last thing you want is to see your papules regressing and then having to stop your progress waiting for the next shipment to arrive.

Buying more bottles also allows you to take advantage of deep discounts:

  • Buying 2 bottles gets you the third month supply free (that’s $39 off)
  • Buying a 3 month supply gets you 3 additional months worth of product free ( that’s $117 off)

The more bottles you buy, the more comprehensive your therapy. Many people keep extra bottles on hand to ensure that they can treat any new papules in the earliest stages. This significantly helps maintain a flawless looking penile surface in the long run.

What shipping carrier do you use?


We ship our packages using all major shipping carriers, including United States Postal Service, Fedex and UPS. Your particular package will be shipped using the method that gets you your bottles in the fastest time possible.

Will I be able to track my package?


Absolutely! Our shipping department works around the clock. This means in most cases you are issued a tracking number within an hour of placing your order. This tracking # is emailed to you so that you can keep tabs on where the package is in real-time.

You’re also free to contact us by phone, email or chat to get an update on your package at any point.

What if I want to give you special instructions on delivery?


If you have any delivery instructions, please do let us know. We do follow these instructions as closely as possible.

For example, some customers want the package only released to them. In these cases, we send the package via certified mail which requires the customer to show their ID to receive the package.

Whatever your particular preference, you can fill out the special instructions box provided to you during the order process. Alternatively, you can also inform us by phone, email or chat.

What kind of package is 3P Gel shipped in?


Your 3P Gel package comes in a discreet, white padded bubble mailer. It is small enough to fit in most small mail boxes and through door slots.

We have also taken exceptional care to ensure that your privacy is maintained throughout the package delivery process. The mailed package will not mention the words 3P Gel anywhere on the outside. Our return address will mention our company name simply as Advanced Topicals.

No one will be able to tell what the contents of the package are by looking at it from the outside. If you want to take it one step further, we also offer a Hide My Bottles option mentioned below which ensures that even if someone decides to open your package, they won’t see your 3P Gel bottles or your receipt.

What if I don’t have a credit card?


No problem. Besides having the option to use a credit card or a paypal account, you also have the option to place your order by either mailing us a check, money order or by using a prepaid credit card (Sold at most pharmacies and grocery stores).

To learn about how you can order 3P Gel using these alternate payment methods click here.

Regardless of which method you choose, your purchase will still be backed by our 100% money back guarantee and your product will be shipped to you the same day your payment is received.

How do you protect my privacy?


3P Gel has one of the most stringent privacy policies in the medical industry. There are 8 main ways we ensure that your purchase with us remains absolutely confidential:

  • All orders processed on our website are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption (Learn More)
  • We don’t store your credit card details on our servers (Learn More)
  • Your contact information is never shared or sold to any third party (Learn More)
  • We never call you unless you ask us to (Learn More)
  • We never mail any marketing materials to you (Learn More)
  • Your credit card statement will not mention 3P Gel (Learn More)
  • Your mailed package will have no mention of 3P Gel on it (Learn More)
  • We can hide your bottles and receipt inside your package so that even if someone opens it, they’ll never see what you purchased (Learn More)

As you can see, 3P Gel isn’t a company that leaves anything to chance. From the moment you place your order to the moment you receive your package, your purchase is automatically shielded by several well thought out procedures that make sure this transaction remains strictly between us.

What is the Hide My Bottles option?


During the process of placing your order, you’ll be offered a privacy option that will allow us to hide your 3P Gel bottles in an ingenious way. We can ship your bottles inside an innocuous looking English dictionary that has a hidden safe which can only be opened with a code that is emailed to you.

This allows you to conceal your purchase to the extent that even if someone were to intercept your package and open it, they would never know that the product you bought was 3P Gel.

Don’t forget, aside from this option you automatically get three other levels of privacy protection:

  • Your credit card statement won’t mention 3P Gel by name
  • Your package won’t mention 3P Gel on the outside
  • You can even request that we not include a receipt in your package and simply email it to you

This gives you a level of secrecy that no other company offers. Click here to see exactly how your bottles are hidden.

How can I be sure 3P Gel will work for me?


While every PPP case is unique, the underlying principles of papule regression don’t change from person to person. Penile physiology responds in a predictable way when it encounters certain active compounds.

3P Gel is designed to target the underlying cause of your papules by dispersing the fibrotic core deep under the penile surface without causing any tissue damage. To accomplish this complex feat, the 3P Gel formula incorporates some cutting edge compounds with well documented therapeutic effects.

So what makes us so sure that 3P Gel will work for you? Two reasons: It’s a product based on solid, reliable science and our before/after pictures prove 3P Gel simply works.

How does your guarantee work?


We’re so sure that our product will far surpass your expectations that we give you 1 full year to try 3P Gel at our risk. If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with our product, simply call, email or chat with us and ask for your money back. Our customer service department is open 24 hours and day. All we ask is that you ship back the empty bottles (which shouldn’t cost you more than $2-$3).

Click here to see our official money back guarantee.

How long does the product take to arrive?

  • Orders being shipped within the US usually arrive within 24-48 hours of being placed.
  • Canadian, United Kingdom and Australian orders take approximately 3-5 days to arrive.
  • All other international destinations take about 4-7 days to arrive.
  • All packages received before 4 pm EST are shipped out same day (Monday – Friday).

I still have questions, how do I contact you?


3P Gel is a company that never sleeps.
(Doubters are urged to look at our coffee budgets).

You can choose from 3 different ways to talk to us at any hour of the day from any part of the world:


Toll Free: 1.844.443.7435 (1 844 44 3PGel)

Landline: +1.681.443.7435 (+1 681 44 3PGel)

Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll always find an enthusiastic, non-judgmental and caring person on the other end with the strong desire to help to you.

How do I order 3P Gel?