What are they?

In simplest terms, pearly penile papules are small dome-shaped bumps that form on the head of the penis (the glans).
  • Typically these bumps are closely spaced around the outskirt of the penile head
  • They either form on the outer edge of the penile head (the corona) or right under it (the sulcus)
  • Pearly penile papules can be flesh colored or white
  • Their size can vary from 1mm to 3mm (about the size of a pen tip) and they usually form in rows of 1 to 3
  • They are found in almost half of all men and tend to be more common in uncircumcised males

The important thing to note here is…

Though they may look like ordinary bumps, getting rid of pearly penile papules isn’t as simple as scraping them off or applying some commonly available oils, creams or pastes. Remember, though there is no shortage of treatment advice online, trying to treat your papules with harsh, unproven home remedies is an easy way to permanently scar or injure your penile tissue.


What really causes pearly penile papules to form?

It’s partially because of your genes and partially because of your hormones. Clinical evidence suggests that people who develop pearly penile papules have a genetic predisposition to forming them.
However, the genes that trigger papule formation are only activated once your testosterone levels get past a certain tipping point. This is why most people tend to develop them around puberty when a male’s testosterone production spikes for the first time in his life.
Unfortunately, once pearly penile papules form, they remain there for life… that is unless you have them treated properly.


Why are pearly penile papules so difficult to get rid of?

Most home remedies that are touted as pearly penile papule cures use harsh methods in hopes of either scrubbing them down or drying them out or even freezing them away until they’re gone. Not only is this brute force approach extremely dangerous, research shows it simply doesn’t work.
Most remedies don’t consider the unique physiology of your penile skin and don’t take into account what your papules are made up of on the inside.


  • They certainly can’t be eliminated using off-the-shelf products meant for other skin conditions such as acne treatments, wart removers, iodine, cryotherapy, toothpaste method, etc. (these products are not meant to be applied to the delicate penile mucosa)
The truth is, pearly penile papules are highly sensitive structures that are easily irritated by most oils, creams and pastes. Their sensitivity makes them especially prone to inflammation, scarring and permanent injury.
Remember, the penile tissue is truly unique compared to normal skin. So before you decide to put anything on your penis (even if it is a natural remedy), beware that it takes very little to permanently damage your glans.
To understand why most remedies fail to get rid of pearly penile papules, you’ll have to take a closer look at what’s inside them…

So what’s really inside your pearly penile papules?

In medical terms pearly penile papules are known as Angiofibromas. This term explains everything you need to know about pearly penile papules, including why getting rid of them is so difficult and what the best way to treat them is.
So let’s break it down…
Angio Fibroma

Means that pearly penile papules have blood vessels inside them.

These blood vessels are fragile and are easily damaged.

Damage to these delicate blood vessels can trigger inflammation & cause penile tissue scarring.


Means that pearly penile papules also have dense fibrous tissue inside them.

This fibrotic tissue is clumped up into a tough mass that is difficult to breakdown.

Getting to these fibrotic clumps is not easy because it requires you to go deep past the delicate penile surface.

…and this is exactly why getting rid of pearly penile papules is so difficult.


In essence, pearly penile papules are tough fibrotic clumps surrounded by fragile blood vessels. What’s even worse is that these fibrotic clumps are also guarded by the sensitive penile surface on top.
This creates a dilemma

On the one hand you want to get to the tough fibrous tissue deep inside each papule and break it down effectively

On the other hand you want to do this without damaging the delicate blood vessels below or irritating the sensitive penile surface above

Simply put, your treatment approach has to be both

Tough & Gentle

at the same time.

It has to be tough on the fibrotic clumps
and gentle on both the blood vessels & the penile surface
A difficult balance to achieve.
And this is why most remedies fail:


The biggest flaw with most PPP home remedies is that they recommend using harsh substances in hopes of wearing down the papules from the outside-in. However, since these substances rarely go past the papule surface, the fibrotic clumps present in the deeper layers often remain untouched and the penile bumps remain visible.
On the other hand, if these harsh substances do somehow burrow through the top surface and reach the deeper layers, they often trigger an inflammatory response that can permanently scar your glans (penile head). Remember, glans scarring can result in a permanent loss of penile sensation – a problem that even laser treatments can’t fix.
So if you truly want to be papule-free and don’t want to risk permanent penile injury, you need to choose a treatment that is designed to carefully balance the breakdown of the fibrotic clumps while also keeping the inflammation down. 3P Gel is the first PPP product that does exactly this.