When you place your 3P Gel order, you will come across a page that offers you an upgraded privacy option called Hide My Bottles.

This option allows you to hide your 3P Gel bottles in an ingenious safe that looks like an English Dictionary. When you open the covers of the dictionary, you will find a hidden compartment that is secured using a combination lock. We will email you the 3 digit code that will unlock this compartment.
This ensures that even if someone were to open your package without your permission, they would not be able to access the inner contents of your safe and see your 3P Gel bottles since only you will have the 3 digit code.

By the way, this option only costs you an additional $15.

Bear in mind, regardless of whether you choose the Hide My Bottles option or not, all 3P Gel orders are automatically protected with our 7 point privacy policy which ensures absolutely discrete billing and shipping.